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Build Your Future Outside the Box


In “Outside the Box,” Ivan de Irish takes us on a tour of America’s highest-paying jobs - including some you’ve probably never heard of.

Here you’ll learn not only how to become a doctor or an astronaut, but also how math skills can make you rich and how to land a six-figure job without a bachelor’s degree.

You’ll also learn practical advice, from what subjects to study in high school or on your own to get ahead in a career field, to how to ace interviews, find a mentor, and get work experience that will make your resume pop before you even start college.

Ivan’s advice is geared toward high school students, but its valuable knowledge can benefit a reader of any age. Whether you’re a teen just starting out or an adult seeking a career change, “Outside the Box” lists the degree programs, licenses, and certifications that can place you among America’s top earners.

Outside The Box: Special Edition

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