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Build Your Future Outside the Box

In “Outside the Box,” Ivan takes us on a tour of America’s highest-Paying jobs - including some you’ve probably never heard of. Here you’ll learn how to become a doctor or an astronaut - but also how math skills can make you rich, and how to land a six-figure job without a bachelor’s degree. You’ll also learn practical advice, from what subjects to study in high school or on your own to get ahead in a career field, to how to ace interviews, find a mentor, and get work experience that will make your resume pop before you even start college. Ivan’s advice is geared toward high school students, but its valuable knowledge can benefit a reader of any age. Whether you’re a teenager just starting out or an adult seeking a career change, “Outside the Box” lists the degree programs, licenses, and certifications that can place you among America’s top earners.



by Ivan De Irish


My Story

Coming from my background, born in Bronx, NY and raised in an inner city of Connecticut, our career paths seemed very limited. When asked what we want to be when we grow up, our responses were simple: pro athlete, rapper, teacher, firefighter, doctor or even a street hustler. In fact, after I graduated high school I started hustling while working a 9 to 5 job on the side at the local grocery store. At the time I was perfectly satisfied with that until my parents made the decision to send me away to college so I could pursue a higher education in hopes that I would secure a degree - thus broadening my career options.


It wasn’t until several years after college, the completion of a graduate degree and the rise and fall of criminal charges against myself that I decided to take my career goals more seriously. This was a major turning point in my life. One poor, misjudged decision would nearly ruin my life as a professional. I knew at that point with absolute certainty I would need to seek an honest, moral and legitimate route if I truly wanted to achieve success and wealth. I had experienced unfair judgement with my character in question, which in turn, motivated me to work harder towards my dreams than ever before. In 2014 I would go on to become a sports agent and start my very own sports and entertainment management firm.


Throughout my journey as a sports agent and working in corporate America, I was exposed to many different types of professions - many in career fields I’d never had exposure to directly. I started meeting successful people from various walks of life, career paths and success stories. These professionals were making a substantial amount of money in careers that were outside of professional sports and entertainment.


Seeing this encouraged me to step up and dream big. I can attribute much of my success today to these introductions along with the good and bad experiences I faced along the way. As I started doing philanthropic work with the children of my hometown city, I grew a genuine connection with them. I suddenly had a burning desire to teach them and expose them to more prestigious, legitimate and moral career paths. Thus, opening their minds and inspiring their future aspirations. This ultimately led me to write my very first book Outside The Box.

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One thing you’ll learn from spending time with Ivan is how to smile. It is this outlook he gifts the people he wants to help.  His work with the community continues to grow. He bridges gaps where others have tried before. His genuine attempt to create a brighter future for kids who must all navigate life’s obstacles, some fair and some, other people will never know of, come from his desire and belief that education correlates to opportunity. He instills as a mentor and advisor, to kids and athletes, young and professional, consistent hard work keeps you at the top of your game.



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Jun 07, 2019, 8:00 PM
Wanda's on 7th,
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